Specialising in Seismic Protection Devices

Robinson Seismic is named after Bill Robinson, a New Zealand scientist and engineer who invented the lead rubber bearing in 1973, and founded Robinson Seismic Limited soon after

His groundbreaking invention marked the birth of the base isolation industry which now helps protect over 10,000 structures around the world.

Those who design and build any kind of structure want the assurance of superior protection from extreme seismic events, known as Maximum Credible Events (‘MCE’).

At Robinson Seismic,  we always consider MCE in our designs, ensuring that our units are robust, and that the risk of damage to both structures and the people that live, travel and work on and around them, is significantly reduced.

We are proud that we have never had to replace any of our bespoke units following an earthquake.

Where other forms of earthquake protection attempt to deal with earthquake energy within the structure itself,  base isolation eliminates earthquake energy from being transferred into the building structure.

Of all the seismic protection technologies available, seismic isolation offers the most effective protection against damage or loss of function following strong shaking.  The installation of our systems guarantees that structural performance is vastly improved, easily satisfying the minimum life safety requirement of building design codes across the world.

Our specialist designers can advise you of the best, most suitable seismic solutions for your building.

The structural engineering profession continues to overstate what a code-designed modern building will deliver in a moderate-to-large earthquake. Codes globally apply ductile design to allow a structure to deform and sway, as a means of riding out a seismic event. Permitting ductility leads to permanent deformations, and potential damage to the structure – even in a moderate event. The higher the ductility, the more damage will be experienced – there is a direct correlation.

Elastic design is generally not financially feasible, due to the high seismic  forces requiring large structural elements.

An optimised base isolation solution can remove up to 80% of the ground energy from being transferred to the structure.

As an example of this phenomenom we can look to the performance of modern buildings in the 2011 Christchurch New Zealand earthquake. , While more than 50% of the modern buildings in the central business district satisfied the life-safety requirements of the New Zealand Building Code they were required to be demolished due to irrepairable damage. This had  a significant ecomonic impact on not only building owners, but tenants, citizens and the economy of Christchurch.

At Robinsons we:

  • continually strive for impovement, both in design and manufacture.
  • Provide optimised sesimic protection solutions for our clients, exploring and assessing which product or combination of products will result in the best solution.

Robinson Seismic Limited can trace its origins back to our founder – Dr William H Robinson – inventor of the world famous “Lead Rubber Bearing”.

His inventions were founded on creativity and innovation, verified by research and testing. They are great founding values and we hold true to these values in work that we continue to do. We proudly carry Bill’s legacy in our company name, being the original inventor and creator of the Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB), which has been adopted globally to create the base isolation market that we have today.

For more information on Bill Robinson visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Robinson_(scientist)

The company has grown from its humble beginnings to being a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of seismic protection devices, both in isolation and damping devices.

Our product range encompasses all current energy absorbing devices, so we are able to give our clients an unbiased opinion on product performance.  Given that we supply everything, we can focus on the performance evaluation and offer the solution that gives the best overall results, rather than pushing one product.

Robinson Seismic Ltd supplies premium quality products, that are at the leading edge of technology advances. Our R&D facility continues to develop product improvements, evolutionary and revolutionary.

Our products can be purchased with the sound knowledge that we verify everything from testing – normally to destruction – so we fully understand any limitations in product performance. We also firmly believe in being honest and transparent with our products, sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients.